Deer Little Forest Official Website

DEER LITTLE FOREST is a high-concept Arts and Lifestyle Brand created by Jo Rose which stars her elegant, playful and highly original designs. It is

based on a story about the daily lives of the animals and fairies living in a Scandinavian forest where full of greenery.

Jo Rose studied Costume Design and Theatrical Make-up, with the idea of working with not just illustration but delicate creations combining puppet

workshops and photography and her work is full of elegance and sweetness. Her branded products are sold in the top retailers such as Paperchase,

Liberty, Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis and Somerset House. The brand has been used for the wide range of products such as stationery, greeting

cards, wall stickers, apparel, housewares, preschool apps and magazine activity pages.

The brand is produced by Lisa Hrynievicz of Koko Rose Media based in the UK, the home of DEER LITTLE FOREST. She has the licensing agents in

more than 25 countries across three continents.

The brand's beautifully hand-crafted designs are a natural fit for traditional publishing as well as arts-and-crafts books, activity books, back-to-school

and magazines. Margaret Hope and Alison Green. Jo Rose is also designing a series of early concept and baby books.

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